About Me

Hey! I’m Auden Cho-Wong. I created a game called Find Love or Die Trying.

I’m currently working on This Might Be It, a 3D narrative adventure game slated for Kickstarter January 2023.

I love making story-driven RPGs with my unique brand of humor and heart, and I’m blessed with the opportunity to be able to do it for a living.

That said, I fell into game dev by accident! When I was a kid, I dreamt of becoming a comic book writer. I’d like to embellish my reasons for that with a dramatic and moving backstory, but in reality, it’s because my dad owned a comic book shop, the library was too far, and I didn’t have any friends. Then I learned how to program and found out that printing comic books is crazy expensive. Making games just seemed like the natural progression for someone on a budget!

I’m a big fan of choice-driven RPG games like Dragon Age, Mass Effect, and the Witcher, as well as anime-styled games like Fire Emblem: Three Houses and Nier: Automata, and indie games like Transistor and Stardew Valley.

I was born and raised in Toronto, Canada, though I’ve bounced around quite a bit between Toronto, Montreal, Brizzy, and New York.

When I’m not writing for games, I’m making music for games. When I’m not making music for games, I’m drawing art for games. When I… hmm… I should probably go touch some grass.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy my games! Iif you’re interested in a deeper look into what I’m up to the behind-the-scenes, I hope this blog provides you what you’re looking for.

Thanks again for your support and time 🙂

– Auden Cho-Wong

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